Telefair - A Better Memory E.P

A Better Memory E.P


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Telefair - A Better Memory E.P

Debut EP from Ginitis/Secretaire drummer Joe Brooker under the guise 'Telefair'.

Bloomin Marvellous.


It’s amazing what you can get for free these days. Head on over to Owlet music’s site and you can lay your eager mits on this rich and excellent two-track EP, or double A side as we used to call them. I Looked At Bees starts with atmospheric acoustica and involved lyricism before exploding into the kind of lo-fi electronica you’d find on Grandaddy’s Sophtware Slump. It’s expansive within its own imaginative aesthetic and lives in the memory much longer than it’s four and a half minutes. Equally as impressive is It’s A Misery which recalls the bittersweet moments of Eels while charting obtuse yet affecting lyrical passages Daniel Johnston would be proud of. Classically composed lo-fi.

The MMP Magazine.


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  1. Telefair - Birds + Trees
  2. Telefair - Until The Chain Comes Off
  3. Telefair - The Captains Daughter
  4. Telefair - Vitamins
  5. Telefair - I Hate Nostalgia